Maclan DRK 4-Pole 6600KV Motor

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This is Maclan DRK 4-Pole 6600KV motor.

This motor was developed to pair with the proprietary DRK 4-Pole Unlock firmware. It produces extremely high power and yet smooth transitions in the DRK stages. 

  • 550 class with 36mm diameter and 63mm length
  • 6600KV with adjustable motor timing
  • 5mm motor output shaft (optional 3.17mm motor output shaft rotor)
  • Open end cap for easy access to rear bearing for maintenance
  • Max RPM 75000

Warning: RC drag race application is extremely abusive on all electronics. This motor produces a lot of power that can shorten the lifespan of drivetrain, ESC, and battery. Incorrect setup can result in irreversible permanent damages on the equipment, or personal injuries. Please read the user manual carefully before use.

  • Undergearing will impose excessive amperage and will damage ESC
  • Final drive ratio (FDR) between 7.9 and 8.3 is recommended
  • Do not exceed 75,000 RPM. Rotor failure is possible
  • Running a 4-Pole motor in 2-Pole mode may damage ESC   

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